rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Elsa is a bully!

This may look like an adorable AWWWWW moment but it's really an "Elsa beats up a steer three times her size" moment.

Elsa and Howie meet

Here's the aftermath. Howie is hiding behind Sadie. I feel like Elsa is saying "You're next, beatch" to Sadie. Her response is an emphatic "I don't think so, you puny, ancient cow-lady". Or something like that. Elsa tried head-butting Sadie but didn't get far....this reflects poorly on Howie, because Sadie has a broken rear-limb, leaving her with a permanent limp. I guess Howie can claim Sadie used him as a cushion.

Sadie and Elsa meet

Nicholas was the only one who really liked Elsa on first meeting. And by like, I mean like. Read between the lines.

Nicholas tries to bond with Elsa
He's whispering sweet-nothings into her ear.

I'm sure Elsa will settle down in a few days. I've just never witnessed a cow introduction wherein the introduced cow proceeds to try and kick the asses of every single cow she meets. Doesn't matter if the cow is a 2,200 lb steer or a 200 lb calf. She was all hardcore. But she let me scratch her neck, so we cool.

Tags: animal place, cattle, pictures

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