rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina and Celeste run amock

My parents and I headed up to the new sanctuary spot to check out the barns and fencing. Of course, the dynamic duo had to come along - it's one of their few opportunities at being a dog. By that, I mean getting to run loose, unfettered by leashes and traffic and commands. Free to roll in poop, drink up disgusting water, leap through the tall grass. Maybe attempt to chase deer or rabbits or, in Mina's case, stalk lizards. I love, love, love seeing Mina and Celeste run amock. It's beautiful and natural and what I wish for every single dog.

Celeste had entered the pasture on the left, running alongside us until she realized that she and the rest of her group was separated. She looked up ahead, noticed that the fenceline didn't open up. She checked the fence's integrity. And when she realized there was no way out but the way she came in, she booked it back to the opening in the fence, and barreled to us with a wild grin on her face. Victory was hers!

Mostly, this is what I captured. Two butts. Two tails flying high. Two noses to the ground.

This is a beautiful moment. Mina leaping up and over Celeste during a full-throttle drive to the back of what is going to be the poultry enclosure. Celeste, determined to keep her nose to the groun, inhaling wondrously wild scents, manages to duck, tuck and avoid a fatal impact. I love her dedication.

Much sniffing of Very Important Stuff occurred.

Gross water was to be gulped down by Celeste, disdained utterly by Mina. Well, Mina would not drink the water, but she would roll in its murky depths. Such is the logic of Mina.

Oh, happy days! Big smile, ears up and back seeking and searching, eyes forward, nose twitching. Mission, forward, impetus, movement. Love, love, love!

It was a lovely day, perfectly warm and wonderful. The dogs tracked rabbit scents, marked ownership of scrub oak and dead grass, looked high and low for deer, and I reveled in their intense devotion to the carefree.

Tags: celeste, mina, pictures

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