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Sept-Nov Reads

Haven't read much in the past few months, though I think I finally got back into my groove this month.

71. I Know this much is True - Wally Lamb (9/7/09) - Picked up this book at a used book sale for $0.50. Seriously. It's a long book, though I found myself itching to read it for hours on end. It's a tragic story of twins, both of whom have been abused, one of whom is sane, the other a paranoid schizophrenic. There's mystery, drama, sadness, rage, anger, hope. Good read.

72. Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine (9/17/09) - Cute "re-write" of Cinderella. Centers around Ella who was "gifted" with the inability to say "no" - that is, she has to say yes to every command issued. Much adventure and chaos ensues when she seeks out the fairy who inflicted the curse upon her as an infant. Enjoyable read.

73. The Cupboard Full of Life - Alexander McCall Smith (9/25/09) - Continuation of a series. Enjoyable as usual.

74. Collapse - Jared Diamond (11/2/09) - This was a book of epic proportions. I pity anyone who has to read the large print version, for it must span 3,000 pages. The author covers various societal collapses, identifying and detailing the reasons for these collapses. Just for fun, he throws in some successful models and spends approximately 0.5% of his entire book on a cautiously optimistic look toward the future. You will most likely not share his sentiment. Very fascinating read, even if it did take me more than a month to get through it.

75. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Jane Austen &Seth Grahame Smith (11/9/09) - The only way to improve upon Austen is to add zombies and ninjas. And so it was done. And it was good. The end.

76. Vanished - Kat Richardson (11/22/09) - 4th book in Greywalker series. Realized how much I disliked the writing, felt it a bit juvenile. I mean, after Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, my standards are really high. *nods* Ended a bit cliff-hangy and I will still continue the series.

77. Curse the Dawn - Karen Chance (11/24/09) - I really like the Cassandra Palmer series, even if the past three books have spanned the time frame of a month. That part is incredibly silly - none of the stuff that occurs, the relationships and plot developments, could ever realistically occur in a month. But this is not a realistic series, so as such, I will not complain. Main character is "pythia", a seer who is responsible for maintaining the time continuum's integrity and catering to the future-seeking needs of vampires, mages, and the like.

78. Raven - Alison van Diepan (11/25/09) - This book was bad. Do not read. If you do, you will at least get through it within a couple of hours.

79. Three Junes - Julia Glass (11/28/09) - From Amazon : "This narrative of the McLeod family during three vital summers is rich with implications about the bonds and stresses of kin and friendship, the ache of loneliness and the cautious tendrils of renewal blossoming in unexpected ways." I thought it was beautifully written. For me, it was the middle story, the longest, I found the most engaging. It took me a few tries to get interested in the beginning, and the ending was okay but left me wanting to know more (which I suppose is a good thing, character investment and all).
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