rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina versus Pikachu

A trip to the thrift store yielded great finds for Mina and Celeste. For $16, the dogs are now in possession of one stuffed Pikachu, four stuffed bears of various sizes, one pink pig and a killer whale. $2/stuffy is more than I normally pay but the dogs had eviscerated their Pink Weiner Dog and also the Heathen Camel.

Mina picked Pikachu, for obvious reasons (to her, anyways).

Mina eating Pikachu Mina finishing off Pikachu

As you can see, Mina literally engulfed Pikachu. It is safe to say Mina will live another day, she has gotta catch them all, you know. HA!
Tags: mina, pictures

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