rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Blatant Sanctuary Promotion

Calf cuteness attackI am relatively certain it is your dream come true to have these two darling calves IN YOUR HOME. Now you can. Though far more diminutive in size, you can be the proud owner of Summer & Freedom's likeness in the form of a nicely matted photograph. It is a nice mat, because I did it myself. I even took the photograph. And someday, when I am famous, you can proudly display your signed original print and say, "yeah, I knew her when she was rolling in the mud with pigs and sticking cameras in the faces of baby cows."

In any event, if you purchase this photo or a photo of Virginia and Lenny touching noses (YOU WANT TO, YOU KNOW IT, JUST DO IT NOW), you will be helping them live long, healthy lives at Animal Place. Other possibilities include: Finnegan the handsome rooster, Nicholas the wayward calf and Gilbert the amazing goat.

If you don't want a matted photo (damn you, by the way), then why not a 2010 Calendar of many wonderful animals at the sanctuary? Or maybe give the gift of fostering a pig or a goat or a sheep or, an adorable turkey who would like to nibble your ear in gratitude!

Any purchase you make goes back to the animals. It doesn't cost much to print calendars or foster parent certificates or even my super-awesome, wonderfully cool, hand-signed photographs so 95-98% of your investment goes towards food, veterinary care, back massages and bedding for the animals. Also, we can go all Optimus Prime on omnivores' and transform them into vegans. More than meets the eye!

Alternatively, you can just give us your money and ask nothing in return. We are not picky. But please buy a photo!

Holiday store here or Give us your money here.

In case you were wondering who Animal Place is, we're a sanctuary for farmed animals. We are going through a transition period right now, but in April of 2010 we'll be opening a new 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California and converting our 60-acre sanctuary in Vacaville, California to Rescue Ranch - a Project of Animal Place. It will serve as an adoption and placement center for farmed animals. The larger sanctuary will house current and future residents, host cooking classes, provide onsite self and guided tours, transform the masses into animal-loving vegans, and educate visitors about the awesomeness of veganism and farmed animals.


    Just kidding, it's just Sophie.

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