rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Larissa & Eliza

New bunny Larissa
This is Larissa. She's one of three new rabbits at Bunny Haven. I love her so much, because she reminds me of Iris, another English Spotted Rabbit. Iris lets met groom her. Larissa says that there will be no funny business and to please stop stalking her. Also, she has an almost question mark on her butt.

Eliza turkey
This is who I think is Eliza. I could be wrong. She could be MaryLou or Margaret, but the lack of a re-grown upper beak leads me to believe this is Eliza. Anyways, Eliza not only lacks an upper beak, but what remains is all askew. Embarrassing! Turkeys normally have an upper beak, of course, but farmers chop those suckers off because turkey farmers are LAME and MEAN. Eliza is very much an awesome turkey who would like her beak back. And her toes. Those have been cut off too by the lame, mean turkey farmers. Eliza loves grapes and will suffer through me ruffling her feathers and calling her 'THE POOFIEST TURKEY ALIVE". Animal rights activists can be lame and mean too, according to Eliza. Except when they give her grapes, then they cool.
Tags: animal place, pictures, rabbits, turkeys
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