rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

No chicken love

FINALLY THE POOF HEADS MEET!El Diablo is the rooster to top all roosters, mainly because his roo-fro is beyond awesome. He's a Polish Crested and, as such, has an entirely useless feather display attached to his head. Hens don't find it all that attractive but people do.

Anastasia is the tiny little hen on the right. She's a recent rescue and much younger than Diablo. She too is a Polish Crested with a much softer hen-fro.

I had high hopes for these two. Certainly, once they made eye contact, sparks would fly, the heavenly chick-angels would sing, and love would permeate the air.

So when I saw Anastasia approach Diablo I thought, this is it! My camera was up, finger hovering above the shutter button, waiting, waiting, waiting.

SNAP! I frowned, where was the spark, the connection? No eye contact. No feather preening. No manly, rooster dances. No demure hen clucks. Nada.

In fact, Anastasia wouldn't even look at Diablo. He wouldn't look at her. Are they playing hard to get? Certainly, not looking at each other facilitates that technique.

So, my hopes have been dashed. There will be no secret love affairs, hidden nests, BABY POOF HEAD CHICKS. *sigh*

ETA: Sorry I neglected to mention that we don't allow the chickens to hatch their eggs - we collect them every day, boil them and feed them back to the birds (yuck, but replenishes lost nutrients, apparently tasty too). Sometimes, a really crafty hen will either fly out over the 7' fence or hide in the tall grass and lay a clutch. This has only happened three times in the past six years. Anastasia lacks the crafty gene and thus we'll never see poof-headed babies. Which is sad but probably for the best. :)
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