rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Bring out your sponge!

So the girl who asked me for milk a week ago just stopped by and asked for a spare sponge. That, I happened to have. I felt strange inviting her in, so I sent Celeste out and told her "Wait here. Guard her with your life." To the girl, not to Celeste. When I got back with the sponge, the girl and Celeste were in a wrestling match due to the fact that Celeste thought she was going outside to potty. Instead, she got to wrestle with a child, which happen to be two of her favorite things COMBINED. That she got to go potty soon thereafter was like a mondo bonus.

Also, my neighbor got me candles for Christmas. Now I feel obliged to make her cookies or something.

I like her and if I ever have spawns of satan, I want one just like her. I bet she was a good young kid too. I know this because she let her younger brother ride shotgun. This was really nice of her, and I wanted to yell that at her as she was getting in the car. But I didn't, because that would have been weird.

I will save you all from the paranoid thoughts this little encounter brought forth in my mind.

Actually, I won't. It's my journal and I can be all paranoid.

1) MY GOD WHY ISN'T SHE IN BED? But then I realized not everyone starts getting ready for bed at 8pm at night and promptly shut that thought down.
2) MY GOD WHY HAVEN'T I MET HER MOTHER? This is a valid question. I haven't, in fact, met her mother. I mean, wouldn't her mother want to meet the lady who doesn't drink milk but has ample supplies of sponges? Or, you know, the lady who is being visited by your 11-yr-old daughter?
3) MY GOD, ARE HER PARENTS BEATING HER?!? I shut this question down real fast. I thought maybe she was reaching out to me, a perfect stranger, because I might save her from a life of abuse. I mean, I'll keep my eyes open and shiz-nit, because this IS the halfway house but I'll just assume the household doesn't have milk or sponges (Occams razor and all that).

So there.
Tags: halfway house

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