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Climate change is for losers!

Hey guys, I hate windmills. Ergo, anthropogenic climate change is FALSE.

I still cannot believe there are people who think climate change isn't happening or, if it is, it's caused by God or Mythical Beasts or Rainbows and not humans. Seriously?

(If you, dear reader, are one of these people, SERIOUSLY?) (I love you) (But, really?)

That is all.



Dec. 11th, 2009 07:07 pm (UTC)
Are humans contributing to climate change? Sure. Are humans the entire cause of climate change? Not even close. The debate, I think, is in the "how much" and what an economically reasonable course of action would be. I mean, we could just ban the use of all fossil fuels right now, and most people would be out of jobs, not to mention heat and electricity. Probably not a responsible course of action, considering the economy is wobbly as it is. If humans are only, say, a 10% cause, the change can be slow and painless. The higher the percentage, the more ruthless the action.

However, climate data is too inconsistant and we don't really have much to base the 'how much' on. The earth cooled and warmed long before humans (Kansas was a glacier at one point, and it warmed to a prairie before humans), but, obviously, we don't have specific enough data from those times to compare. So we can't really know.

I do think just lying to people and trying to scare them into doing the 'right thing' is reprehensable, and there has been some of that. I believe I read somewhere that some people came right out and said getting people to do the 'right thing' is more important than telling them the truth. When the simple truth is, climate change or not, fossil fuels are a limited commodity, and we'd better start preparing now so we're not behind the eight ball when they do. I mean, isn't that a good enough reason?

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