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An elaboration on that last post


1) Spent a great time with my mom on our sixth(?) annual candlelight tour of Napa's historic homes (not all, just some). It didn't rain, so contending with the slog and puddles wasn't so devastatingly tragic. *nods* Plus, there were pomegranate margaritas and mexican coffees afterward and vegan tostadas, ya!

2) Played Sequence with my parents. :)

3) Finished three books and enjoyed two of the three immensely. The other I enjoyed, ignoring the entirely implausible bits.

4) Bought two books, got a third one free.

5) Got to take home the computer my dad built, it is smoking hot awesome. I also have a brand-spanking new widescreen monitor that will make watching netflix and hulu shiznit so much more enjoyable.

6) Celeste did not eat the stray, intact, Doxie THING who met us outside my apartments after the ride from my parent's home. Mina thought the little dog divine until he kept licking her butt and pootie. Not cool - she spent most of her time around him sitting down.

7) I met a cute guy and he smiled at me and I smiled at him.

1) Celeste nearly broke my mom's shoulder on a walk.

2) Mina bit (no skin breakage) Celeste when both of them freaked out over a Border Collie who was jogging. Dogs are not allowed to jog and certainly not gaily past Mina and Celeste.

3) Mina and Celeste refused to walk nicely on the walk. At all. No amount of praise, redirection, stopping, tugging, NOTHING would get them to behave.

4) Celeste did not eat the stray intact dog, but she snarled at him and absolutely refused my request to allow him overnight - That punk ass dogsies is not permitted to hangs out in my cribs! were her exact words, actually.

5) Whilst I was unloading my brand-new computer tower, weighing 30lbs, to my apartment, Mina's leash slipped from my hands to facilitate better access to a dog walking by.

6) #5 is how I met the cute guy. His dog, another pit bull, was snarling and screaming curses against Mina as Mina tried to sniff her butt. Mina was totally oblivious to the snarling. I apologized profusely, grabbed Mina, asked if he and his dog were okay. He said they were fine, that she was a bit snarky with other dogs. I said sorry again and again. He said it was okay, stuff happens. And then he smiled at me all cute-like and stared. I was all, should I invite him in? Oh yeah, snarling dog who hates my dog. FAIL.

7) Mina and Celeste screamed and screamed and screamed at the UPS guy. I had to use my voice of God. Celeste was all woah!, Mina was all fuck you. I was all, YOU MUST BOTH DIE NOW. Then we had a marker training session, they both shut up, and they got cookies. I calmed down a bit as well.

8) I had to literally yell at my neighbor's child. Literally. Her loose Chi thing ran up to leashed Mina. Mina was all "Oh hey little dog, I like you!" and the little dog was all "Oh hey big dog, I like you too." And the child? She was whining over and over to her dog, "Kobe, Kobe come here" and when she saw Mina, "OH MY GOD KOBE COME HERE COME HERE COME HERE, whoa, pit bull! COME HERE". Finally, as I'm trying to jiggle my damn key into the damn lock, I look at her and say, "My dog likes your dog. Your dog likes my dog, they're fine." But she is having a panic-attack, potty-dancing while demanding her disinterested dog come to her. Finally I snapped, "Pick up your damn dog and get the hell out of here." She was all, woah and I was thinking fuck you but only rolled my eyes as I finally got my dog and my computer into my apartment. Was it totally inappropriate? At the time, no. In hindsight, yes, maybe. Do I feel guilty? No. Will I apologize? If I see her, maybe, if I'm in a good mood. (This isn't my new favorite neighbor's kid who lives upstairs and asks me for milk and sponges, separately).

9) Intact Doxie thing, while absolutely and utterly adorable, pissed on my bathroom door, the corner of my bed, Celeste's crate (to which she unleashed words I never thought Celeste could utter), my table and my bookshelf. Chastising him was in vain. This is why he is now at the sanctuary in one of their kennels until I can figure out what to do with him. He's a very sweet dog, so I think he's pretty adoptable. He'll have to be housetrained and also trained not to lick butts the the vaginal regions of female dogs. For serious.

Mina and Celeste are both zonked out on the bed, like today was real hard work. It was, mainly for me. I am going to watch some netflix, sip a hot toddy, and nibble on chocolate.

Tomorrow will be a totally awesome day!
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