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I have found a lost dog (he found my dogs) and named him Mr. Man. He's staying at the sanctuary due to his propensity to mark everything in my apartment and the rage and ire he inspires from Celeste. Also, he's a little too interested in Mina's private region. I'm doing my due diligence here in trying to find his asshole owners.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. Anyone want a dog who has the body of a Doxie but the head of a miniature Rottweiler? And who loves neck skritches and to follow you around everywhere.

In other dog related news, I didn't think it was possible but I have fallen even more in love with Mina. She was drinking water, lapped up something awfully horrendous, and then looked at me in HORROR. HORRRRRORRRS! Then she kissed my nose, and I kissed hers. That is when my heart expanded just a lot little bit for all that extra love.

Also, I have discovered that I don't just like Celeste, I really, honest-to-god, love her. It's taken her 2.5 years to wriggle her way into my heart, but the deed is done. She is now the official Back-Up Dog whereas before she was the Potential Back-Not-Quite-Up Dog. Do not tell her this, she will cry forever and a day. OH MY GOD SHE IS GIVING MY PUPPY DOG EYES AND I WANT TO HUG HER AND I DID AND NOW THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE. Fact.
Tags: celeste, dogs, mina

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