rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Eagles honor Michael Vick with COURAGE AWARD!!

Hai guyz! How's this for irony? Michael Vick is getting an award that was started because of a man who fought against child abuse (if only it had been against dog abuse, then that would be icing, cherry and soya whipped cream on top!)  Unbeknownst to you and me, it takes IMMENSE COURAGE (capitalized to emphasize the immenseness) to kill under-performing dogs with your bare hands, throw them in pools to be electrocuted, bet on their bloody fights and run an underground dog fighting operation. It takes a lot of courage to serve a few months in prison and arise, LIKE A PHOENIX YO, from the ashes of those dead dogs you killed and play football. It takes courage to hobble around the locker room after you get all injured and stuff...man, if he was a dog of Bad Newz Kennel he'd have to go ahead and choke himself to death!

I just cannot believe the adversity Michael Vick has had to overcome. It's mind-boggling, really. They should erect a monument in his honor, he's like a modern-day Dred Scott, fighting for his emancipation from all that dog killing and multi-million dollar making. Congrats!!!!
Tags: dogs, pit bulls, stupidity

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