rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

The Mauling of the Century

Mina has been spending the past fifteen minutes trying to maul me.

She'll stare really hard at me, telegraphing her intent to kill.

Then she flings herself dramatically at me, placing her two paws on my lap, ramming her face into mine.

After I try - unsuccessfully - to shove her away, she gets down to business and flies into my lap.

Then she is all WHY AM I UP HERE OH MY GOD I MIGHT DIE and then licks me, I mean, bites me repeatedly until my face is unrecognizable.

Shoving her off only gets her angry - ANGRY PIT BULL IS ANGRY.

She looks left, then right, then left, then right, then glares daggers at me imploring me to do something about her need to maul.

Then she licks me like two hundred million times.

Celeste tries to get in on the action but fails by actually nipping me (with great restraint, but still).

Mina does not approve and shoves Celeste out of the way.

Finally, I get the picture and grab two new stuffed animals from their SECRET HIDING PLACE ON TOP OF CELESTE'S CRATE. I give Mina the option between the Bow-Tie Bear or the Gray Rabbit. She picks the rabbit, celeste takes the bear, and then Mina is all MY BEAR, YOU HAVE IT, takes it from Celeste, drops it and picks up a toy that is about a year old.

Currently, she is removing its innards, disemboweling it, one might say. Oh wait, now she is intensely interested in the rabbit again. It's in Celeste's mouth, which makes all toys far more appealing.

Now Celeste is being mauled by Mina. Mauling pit bull is mauling.

NOTE: NO HUMANS OR MUTTSKIES OR PIT BULLS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS MAULING. A bear was disemboweled, but he probably had it coming.
Tags: celeste, dogs, mina

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