rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Tours and an article in the Chron (my arch-nemesis, I think)

We had two tours Saturday because I overbooked the first tour (go me!)

Highlights of the first tour:

"If a 800 pound pig is walking towards you, mouth wide-open, please get out of her way. They have no problem with bowling you over."

*cue Brenda, our 800-lb sow in heat*

As Brenda approaches the group, I tell two people to get out of her way. They don't listen. So, Brenda literally shoves the woman out of the way and rams her head into the groin region of the guy. After their shocked gasps, I calmly tell them "See, that is why you get out of a pig's way." I hope they learned their lesson. Dorks. Always make way for the large animals (and the animals with horns!)

The same guy, at the end of the tour, tells one of our volunteers that he felt like he had been beaten over the head with all of our "vegan" talk. I thought, 'what vegan talk?' Apparently, the truth about how farmed animals are raised and treated got to him, he raised his defensive shield, and lashed out. Or maybe he thought we were a petting zoo? I don't know.

Highlights of the second tour:

I got to meet justbluemyself and polyphonicvegan (I hope you missed all the ickiness at the BBQ). Apparently, I also met artmonkeygirl. Whoot.

And, a young boy (probably about 12) who had a tendency to speak his mind was entertaining. Apparently, and SADLY, he has an inoperable brain tumour. This was one of his wishes - to meet the animals at a sanctuary. That freaking broke my heart. He was great, though, and very intelligent. I hope his most-likely short life is full of positive energy, love and happiness. He deserves it (I mean, we all do, of course).

Sadie, our newest bovine addition, kindly approached the second group. This was her first time coming up to meet one of our tour groups, so we were mighty pleased. I love Sadie. Howie was being his large-self and when our sanctuary supervisor said "Can you see the difference between Howie and Sadie?" no one could. Why? Because no one could see Sadie - Howie's 3,000 pound massiveness completely obscured Sadie (who probably clocks in at a hefty 1,600 pounds herself). Of course, for his breed (Charolais), Howie is only slightly larger than normal. Some of those Charolais bulls can reach 3,000 pounds. :)

The SF Chron really isn't my arch-nemesis. But, I think they are annoying. I excuse them this once because they did have a pretty good article about Pit Bulls in today's addition. Plus, I got to coo over the cute pit bull pictures.


That is all for now.
Tags: animal place, pit bull articles, pit bulls

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