rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste is on THE LIST of doom

Today, Celeste has been very mean to Mina and I am currently wanting to slap her. 

Incident #1: Mina was rubbing against the bed. Celeste wanted to rub against the bed. Mina was all NO! Celeste then attacked her. Mina was all WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? I had to use my GOD VOICE and put Celeste on time out.

Incident #2: Mina was chewing on a toy. Celeste wanted that toy. Mina was all NO! Celeste grabbed her by the neck. Mina was all WHAT ARE YOU DOING? dropped the toy and submitted. It was not the same as Incident #1 so I did not use my GOD VOICE and instead sighed heavily.

Incident #3: Mina and Celeste were playing. Mina tugged on Celeste's face, as she is wont to do. Celeste once again grabbed her by the neck. Mina was once again all WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? It was quick and painless.

This is very unusual for Celeste. She's a bit more temperamental than Mina, but today was ridiculous.

Celeste is almost three, so I am not all that surprised. I'm mostly annoyed. These days remind me why I crate her when I'm at work.

Mina is also losing weight and has two weird semi-bald patches on the exact same side of her rumpus. A little hair loss on her tail too. Her tail may be self-mutilating, but the other bald-patches are not irritated so it isn't from chewing. I'm a little concerned so she will be going to the vet on Monday. This is very similar to my last dog who had Cushing's. Juju was diagnosed with it a few months after we adopted her and she lived another eight years. That is unusual, apparently. I am, of course, going to pretend it is absolutely not Cushing's and will find out tentatively on Monday.
Tags: celeste, mina, mina health

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