rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

how many firefighters does it take to unstuck a puppy from a teapot?

Four! Not only that, but the four firefighters rushed to the scene to free this puppy from the clutches of an evil teapot! Actually, they thought a person had gotten trapped in a teapot, which would have been impressive.

This is a cute story, but I wonder why they called emergency officials. A gentle tapping of a hammer would have sufficed. That is besides the point (geez Rinalia, way to ruin the moment)- that puppy is adorable and was clearly in love with the coconut chai tea in that teapot.

However, that is not a Bull Mastiff puppy. Under New Zealand law, technically that puppy should be muzzled at all times, since American Pit Bull Terriers are all labeled menacing dogs, along with three breeds that probably do not exist frequently in New Zealand.

The muzzle is to prevent them from eviscerating antique teapots.
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