rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Super secret time: I believe chickens should have arms. Like little T-rex arms. Rawr! I once considered making arms for a few of the chickens at the sanctuary, but my fellow staff members shot that idea down.

Little Rooster Man
Take this picture, for example. Wouldn't Cosmos look hilarious with little fists pumping during his afternoon power walk?

Tulip glares off camera
And this picture of Tulip? Instead of just glaring off camera, she could be flipping me the bird (get it, yeah) in addition to shooting daggers with her x-ray eyes. It would be a cute flip-off, because her hands would be tiny and adorable.

Finn hanging with some ladies
Finn here would be putting his little tiny arm over this hen's butt. Then he'd be all "I thought that was your shoulder" when she turned around and not only bit him on the head but SLAPPED him too with her tiny hand. Awesomeness would have ensued.

Hen cocking head to side
And finally, this hen would have gallantly pointed to the sky and gesticulated wildly. I would have been all WHAT? and then would have been pooped on in the eye instead of the top of my head. I would have been all "WHY DO CHICKENS HAVE ARMS?!?"

Still. It would be cute.
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