rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

It was so nice seeing you, Lou! There were cockroaches, bubble yum, a bottle and a half of wine, and really lovely conversation outside on the patio. I mean, could it get any better? NO. I mean, yes - no cockroaches, but it was a story so that's something. Also, thanks for the vegan cinnamon rolls, they made my life oh so much happier!!

In other not so interesting news, I'm watching Monday night football, because I promised my dad I'd be more into football this year. He didn't actually ask me too, but I feel like I'm doing a daughterly duty by doing so anyways. It's Green Bay and Chicago and really I could care less. The 49ers still suck. The only hope I have is there will be a brawl. Brawls make sports events so much more fun. I realize this makes me a bad vegan, but oh well.

I also watched a lot of anime today. My sofa and me were practically one. I had decided to make my Sunday (Monday) a lazy Sunday (Monday). And it was. Is. I'll conclude it with Dancing With the Stars. Yeah, you read that right.
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