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Livestock Auctions, I Hates Them

I took our newest staff member to a livestock auction yesterday. I hate these places. They are surreal. I always encourage anyone who eats meat or consumes dairy to visit - it's where "spent" dairy cows and day-old male dairy calves end up. It's not pretty.

People bring their children. They sit in bleachers and watch as feeling, frightened non-humans are herded and paddled into an arena. They bid on them. By the pound, often. It is how I imagine human slave auctions were like. A family affair. A place you could eat some food, while buying lives. At the very least, they didn't serve up human slave burgers. At livestock auctions, you eat cows while buying cows to slaughter.

I am alien in these places.

We ended up taking home 10 broiler chicks no one wanted. They had been sitting in a wire cage, in the rain, for hours. Two could not stand up. They are only 6-weeks-old and already obese and "ready" for slaughter. They peep like babies, it is heartbreaking. 9 billion of them are killed each year for consumption. Babies! I can't get over it.

I saw a man load two screaming piglets into the trunk of his car. It was a Dodge Stratus.

A calf on his way to a veal farm nuzzled my hand, searching for maternal contact. How amazing that the drive to suckle overrides the absolute terror of neck grabs, paddling, shoves from tormentors. It is the picture that should stand next to "pitiful".


Dec. 18th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
My heart aches for them all.
Those Brolier chicks are so lucky for you to have taken them.

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