rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

What to do with biting toddlers

Seriously. What SHOULD we do with those nasty, teething, ebil toddlers (no doubt related to pit bulls)?

Kill 'em! Why not? It will prevent future biting and, as we all know, once a toddler bites, s/he is bound to rip out someone's throat and drink their blood as nourishment! Let's just save everyone the trouble and humanely euthanize the toddler now!

"Some" claim that it isn't the toddler, it's how the toddler is raised. Balderdash. Only genetic mutant toddlers have a propensity to bite, and they just cannot help themselves. No amount of "training", "teething alternatives" or "bad baby, no biting!" will curb this nasty and downright lethal behavior. Toddler-rights activists balk at the idea of killing these biters, but safety experts agree: 90% of toddler bites are caused by toddlers. That's a statistic you just can't argue with. For the community, it is best to just kill the little biting buggers now. Or later. But before they turn five.

Or, you can read what this "expert" has to say: http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/living/12295695.htm

Really lengthy response to an easily solved problem - all they had to say was "Take your baby to the local pediatrician and humanely euthanize him - for him, yourselves, and future children in the future of tomorrow."

Ahem. That is all.
Tags: bsl, harhar
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