rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Llamas want to eat me!

I make herbivores go carnivore! They need to realize just because *I'm* vegan that does not turn me into alfalfa.

Herbivores tend to bite me, just for a sample. I had to go to the "minor" emergency room when Peggy-Sue, a 700-lb neurotic pig mistook my stomach for a banana...which I don't see, but hey! I'm not a pig.

Howie, the 3,000 pound steer has attempted to swallow my hand whole.

Walter, the goat enjoys nibbling my fingers, and I am pretty sure the turkey-girls aren't just being curious when they try to rip my fingers off.

Today, I was behind a truck with four llamas in it. One peered out and eyed me. I know that look. It was the "I will eat you" look.

What's up with all these supposed vegetarians trying to chomp on me. I must be irresistable. Yes. That is it. I will tell myself that next time a horse eats my head. Wait, no I won't. I'd be dead and I wouldn't care.

That is all.
Tags: animal place, farm animals
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